Welcome to Kibogora Polytechnic E-Library. The library serves all Library users such as the staff and students within Departments such as Health sciences, Theology, Business, Languages, and Sciences etc for all programs that are available at our institution.

KP E-Library Collection holds of the following:
  • E-BOOKS for various programs i.e. both core books( Essential books for every module) and other books such in different fields for example Nursing, Midwifery, BDS, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Small Business Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, Management, History, English, French, Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda, Theology, Economics etc.
  • E-Journals links for different modules that can be utilised by library users for research enhancement
  • Course wares (software programs) that are designed for educational purposes and free online courses which can act as platforms for those students intending to offer courses in various fields.
  • Core E- books and Other selected e-Books : resources
  • Manual books: resources
  • Book total both manual and E-books equals
  • Research Databases
  • E-Journals